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The lifeboat

We are in this boat together Sailing across the bay. Some have an easy voyage, The wind is blowing their way I wish I could always be sailing Across an ocean with you And never reach the other side though … Continue reading

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What will be a flower,what a weed?

The unshed tears will make our innards bleed The agony disguised  will find its way, Destroy our life and kill the growing seed On this topic many’ ve disagreed Stiff upper lips and  eyes that look like prey The unshed … Continue reading

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No remedy exists for hidden grief

No remedy exists for hidden grief A blank face and a voice that does not speak Expression  is the route to our relief The caterpillar gnaws the new green leaf And actions are the place where meaning leaks No remedy … Continue reading

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“Abyssal is a relatively rare word”

WORD OF THE DAY February 3, 2017   abyssal  adjective | uh-BISS-ul Definition 1 : of or relating to the bottom waters of the ocean depths 2 : impossible to comprehend : unfathomable Scroll down for more about abyssal       PLAY NOW … Continue reading

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That’s why I said three.

I remember that wool coat she wore even in summer; Blue with ridges of black running horizontally. We walked  along the  bright beach at Rhyl It was Sunday morning;I has a new missal I think I lost it with its … Continue reading

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Force unwithstood

  A  wonderful word is coercion. On it ,I cast no aspersions. But to coerce is not good, Force unwithstood Never grew much but nasturtiums.   Sometimes our will is a force, But virtue can’t come just by choice. Like a … Continue reading

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