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What is disrationalia?   Rational and Irrational Thought: The Thinking That IQ Tests Miss Why smart people sometimes do dumb things By Keith E. Stanovich on January 1, 2015 Credit: ISTOCKPHOTO IN BRIEF Who are You Calling “Smart”? Traditional IQ tests miss some of … Continue reading

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Can human sacrifice expunge our sins?

I felt the sun’s heat on the wheelie bins The plastic lids and handles stung my hand The rumbling wheels made their own  ugly din I bumped my leg and nearly burned my shins This work is more familiar to … Continue reading

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Free creative writing courses from top Universities like the OU$+0o/

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Hannah Arendt   The Jewish Writings is a collection of Arendt’s articles and essays written between 1932 and 1966. For this reviewer, they come as a revelation. I had never understood, exactly, the mental road Arendt traveled to get to … Continue reading

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Intent with purpose,scarcely is life real

Intent with purpose,  we  don’t see life whole We see the figure but ignore its ground We have one thought, to reach our  chosen goal This way of life destroys  our life and soul So shadows, shades penumbra lie unfound … Continue reading

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The lifeboat

We are in this boat together Sailing across the bay. Some have an easy voyage, The wind is blowing their way I wish I could always be sailing Across an ocean with you And never reach the other side though … Continue reading

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