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I shall not hate


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The word laundry

The “word laundry” is very busy now: The “non involved,” the children “used as shields” Creating euphemisms and bloody how! Certain words we cannot yet allow Tampax,blood and women who, paid,  yield The word laundry is very busy now With … Continue reading

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From the East

The heavy snow clouds  menace from  the East No sun, no light,no golden joy,no thought Where are our wise men, where is our feast? On moorlands they  bring down befuddled sheep In deep snow drifts they are smothered , caught … Continue reading

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Surrender to the otherness of all

Tact and subtle actions  create life Assertive force destroys  another’s soul To the High and  Holy One, we’re wife. The way we go seems but a throw of dice Yet destiny will beckon, though we crawl Tact and subtle actions … Continue reading

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When thinking hurts us

My title has two meanings.One is that sometimes we have to think about a painful event or a person who has hurt us.Or even some past events…I recall pain when  I was told about Hitler and Stalin On the other … Continue reading

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Is thinking a conversation? And dreaming…?It takes two!

Dwelling on these thoughts about thinking,and knowing much thinking is blind and cut off from the people outside us is it valid to compare they say it to different kinds of talk’conversation? Free thinker? With a trusted friend or teacher … Continue reading

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Geza Vermes:An interview

Geza Vermes:An interview This is well worth reading,if only for the history of one Jewish man’s survival of the Nazi‘s attmept to wipe out Hungarian Jews.I feel his books would be worth reading.I shall post  if and when I read … Continue reading

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Plato on drugs? I don’t believe it;I do believe it This is not a book but a blog.It’s really fascinating.not just th above article but  for all its other thoughtful discussions.If you are not a philosopher still many pieces are understandable to the general reader. Related articles Plato’s Republic … Continue reading

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My blog up to now

I am a woman over the age of sixty.My hair has fallen out not to mention my teeth.Yet.I still enjoy learning,talking and seeing new perspectives.I h ave been advised not to put my photograph on the Internet . If you want … Continue reading

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I had finished with Arendt but came across another good article of Kant Interesting as it gives a better definition of what she meant by thinking.And horrifyingly Eichmann claimed to be a follower of Kant Related articles Thinking is a lonely business ( Hannah Arendt and thinking ( What puzzles … Continue reading

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