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The Nightmare Complex

To write a poem I dream an undreamed dream The woods in France deformed by  dead young men A nightmare complex in its perplexed themes In our dream the narrative has means To  make those killed communicate again To write … Continue reading

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A hundred years and still the forests bleed

We, human, learned the power of words and signs For economics, fighting and parlay. We loved, in abstract, symbols strange, malign. There is wrought beauty, patterned in design Yet to see the  actual one is how we pray Which humans saw the … Continue reading

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Perhaps life’s real answers will prove to be dietary

Modern society; oh, what notoriety! A dress  one can see through; they make sure we do, do, do I wonder  what I can  say  writing my poetry Some folks are models of total sobriety From the top  of the head to … Continue reading

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I could not measure justice nor what’s fair

When I was burning with  the fire of rage Or speaking in a voice emotion bare I did not find escape from my small cage When I misused the knowledge of my age And for another did not feel much … Continue reading

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An ancient ,holy sound begins the Spring.

Although it’s dark out there the blackbird sings His territory  is the same as in the past An ancient ,holy sound begins the Spring. These birds are little dinosaurs with wings Like the spider they adapted and so last Although … Continue reading

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