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What is disrationalia?   Rational and Irrational Thought: The Thinking That IQ Tests Miss Why smart people sometimes do dumb things By Keith E. Stanovich on January 1, 2015 Credit: ISTOCKPHOTO IN BRIEF Who are You Calling “Smart”? Traditional IQ tests miss some of … Continue reading

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G-d himself was shattered, without skin

And did you see the sparks of light within The hidden wood where watches the bright dove The darkness which to human soul’s akin God himself was shattered, without skin Each part a  broken light of what was love But … Continue reading

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A word that’s spoken by a friend can reach

A word  that’s spoken by a friend can  reach Can touch, can move, can  embrace in its sounds The inner soul where its vibrations teach. When cut off, silent,after   sad defeat Such gentle words can break our sullen bonds … Continue reading

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Smart,the meaning

smart smɑːt/ adjective adjective: smart; comparative adjective: smarter; superlative adjective: smartest 1. (of a person) clean, tidy, and well dressed. “you look very smart” synonyms: well dressed, well turned out, fashionably dressed, fashionable, stylish, chic, modish, elegant, neat, besuited, spruce, … Continue reading

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“Abyssal is a relatively rare word”

WORD OF THE DAY February 3, 2017   abyssal  adjective | uh-BISS-ul Definition 1 : of or relating to the bottom waters of the ocean depths 2 : impossible to comprehend : unfathomable Scroll down for more about abyssal       PLAY NOW … Continue reading

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Poetry for beginners

A word here about liking a poem. This should of course be our primary objective and motive. But to like is a function of the critical intelligence, as this passage by W. H. Auden makes clear: As readers, we remain in … Continue reading

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What is truth?

truthn truːθ/ noun noun: truth the quality or state of being true. “he had to accept the truth of her accusation” synonyms: veracity, truthfulness, verity, sincerity, candour, honesty, genuineness; More antonyms: dishonesty, falsity that which is true or in accordance … Continue reading

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He lies on the sofa.

  I have told my husband to stand on his own head in future.Is this wise? No, get him to stand on his own feet. Upright posture is usual in the UK He has stood on my nail Buy a … Continue reading

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Do we set the table with tectonic plates? Were the Ammonites a people or a stone? Was the government of fossils on the roam? Were the rocks and mountains rumbling As the government were stumbling? I’ve sent my resignation on a bone. Was the Earthquake sent by … Continue reading

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Semiotics:a sign has two parts   A sign consists of the  signified and the signifier.If what is signified is love,the signifier may vary … it can be a  “x “.a bunch of flowers, a poem.Of course it may be misunderstood if two people come … Continue reading

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