Desert Island Discs with Tony Benn

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Then it creates a moving image

Low sun  shines
Glistening  holly leaves,ah
A wood pigeon passes

All the trees shiver
And the ends of shrubs waving
Makes me think,goodbye

Leaves like littls stars
Bare wood like burnt sienna
With its glowing orange tinge

Why are shadows long?
The sun blinds me in winter
Then it creates a  moving image

Indifferent sun
Knows not of Syrian hell
But God remembers, suffers


Criminal Jesu
God descended to this world
He dies with victims

Why the torture
Fighting inevitable~But why such sadism/

Weep as the trees  lean
Sparrows  nests shudder, remain
Life is here again

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The tears burst while new stars sing

The doctor was in error
Deep down the crab  was  growing
The hogweed  fertile

Yes, he was forty
Is that old  or young these days?
Yes, he has gone now

His boy is  at school
He screamed for  forty minutes
After,”Dad is dead”

Total loss, a pool
Grows larger with each tear
Stars and rainbow meet

Try to catch a tear
They are not like mercury
They can disappear.

All the tears to shed
Like an old coat we grow out of
Who will they become?

Oh,God, the birthing
A fatherless child  is near
Thanks to the deep freeze

No Sylvia Plath writes.
The spaces will not lean on
Their  new solitude.

See night descending
Tear sacs burst while new stars sing:
And all shall be well


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Do not die too early, lacking trust

If we seek  by will power sacred fire
We may be well consumed and turn to dust
Do not seek, do not  to this aspire

Our  wish  to grasp  endangers  true desire
As certain as real loving’s doomed by lust
If we seek  by our will  sacred fire .

Do not hope  I am  an unjust liar
I do not care, believe it if you must
Do not seek, do not  to heights aspire.

Pilgrims suffered as they trod the mire
They learned by their  hard journey we are dust
If we seek   to  grasp the sacred fire .

If we draw too  close to those red pyres
God may cloth us in his golden mists
Do not seek, do not  to heights aspire

This  life’s not easy and it is not just
Do not leave too early, lacking trust
We cannot seek  by will the sacred fire
Never seek,  be lowly, don’t aspire






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City Walls

photo of graffiti wall alley

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Seven plagues are said to be on the way but so far they have only reached Calais.

dark clouds

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All of Eastern Britain will be having heavy rhymes tomorrow and the next day.
The West  Wind will bring  refrains in its train.
The North Window sews daily
Free verse is due to arrive in the afternoon in London çausing  consternation as we usually pay  a heavy price for anything free
Forms of poems will be ghosting across the City but are not for sale.
Cursing and swearing  insects are set to invade poets’ brains  on Friday bringing relief from good behaviour with no guilt.Count  me out.
Seven plagues are said to be on the way but so far they have only reached Calais.And do we care?
British rain will fall on Thursday. Foreigners will not get wet until  their reign  arrives
and /or they are turned out after  the Referpendulum.
And to think I am still foreign myself!
Who defines the words we use.Who says who is foreign? It’s getting like Nazi Germany.Shall I wear a star on my head?

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Fragmentation of memory


Fragmentation of memory is a memory disorder in when an individual is unable to associate the context of the memories to their autobiographical (episodic) memory. The explicit facts and details of the events may be known to the person (semantic memory). However, the facts of the events retrieve none of the effective and somatic elements of the experience. Therefore, the emotional and personal content of the memories can’t be associated with the rest of the memory.[1] Fragmentation of memory can occur for relatively recent events as well.

The impaired person usually suffers from physical damage to or underdevelopment of the hippocampus. This may be due to a genetic disorder or be the result of trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder.[2] Brain dysfunction often has other related consequences, such as oversensitivity to some stimuli, impulsiveness, lack of direction in life, occasional aggressiveness, a distorted perception of oneself, and impaired ability to empathize with others, which is usually masked.

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