A mere mirage


My  new-found hope may be a mere mirage;
Illusion of no help in my despair.
Yet imagination   stirs up needed courage
And helps the mind and heart in their repair.
I’ll dwell not in the mind’s relentless thoughts;
I’ll use my eyes and ears and skin
Then i that trap, I  never shall  be caught.
I’ll see  and hear to moderate this din.
In wider focus all will take their place
I’ll focus less on  this  wound I bear late
And see  both good and bad in every space.
So not dismiss the world and all its states.
Changing  vision show   us  truer measures.
Perception valued brings to us much treasure.
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When crazy ,tinted,wild blow all the leaves

Of all the seasons, I love most the Fall
When crazy ,tinted,wild blow all the leaves
They love to  toast themselves in summer sun
And want no shelter from the Western wind.
While squirrels   hide their  nuts and batten down
For winter on this  European isle.

For  those who wish there is the Shopping Mall
Where they forget  thin nature now bereaved.
For children  playing ball is joy and fun,
With grazed  legs and knees forever skinned
Meanwhile the rich put on their evening gowns
And after dinner, dance  and woo a  while.

But many like myself  desire the call
Of  knotted hedge  and bent aslant old trees
Of damp long grass and hares wild on the hunt
For  winter   madness  makes all  beasts grow  thin
We in  old wool coats   will crouch and frown
In camera,  waiting with our hearts docile.

Yet,there is a threat in  hearing, Fall
As if our forebears could  have lived quite free
Unclothed and loving,   dreams  of human’   haunt
As if we could wind back the reel and  film again.
Knowing this impossible we’re drawn
To  fall ourselves and sleep  and never smile.

The world itself is dance,  it is a Ball
If we lose our thoughts  and merry be
Give ourselves what we most truly want
This world was made for us to span and scan
Every plant for you  and me is grown
And so we smile and smile on Europe’s  isle

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Cafe menu

Cod rows on crust
Cod raised on toast
Salmon sand witches
Herring aid  chips
Fat beef  and moan.
Lamb chops home  groan.
Chicken. if you ask it!
Beef minces with harlots and turned hips
Toast lamb bundles with sweet potted toes;
Greasy pudding with meat spores and sprouts

Jelly sets
Free carnations  with milk
Figs in a blanket.
Busted tarts.
Lemon mice.
Yoga hurts,wide selection
Creme brew-lay.
Bavarian looms.
Jam and rubber sponge with dream
Ill bred and battered pudding with real raisins and bastard.

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In the gusts of wind,all children dance

In the gusts of wind  small children dance
The leaves, though  brown,seem lively as they’re  blown
These ancient leaves seem merry as they prance.

Falling down  and bouncing , happy chance
It is an act more dangerous to the old
In the gusts of wind  our children dance

With  such leaves, a cat may find  romance
They tickle him in places far too bold
The long  dead leaves seem merry as they prance.

This cat and I  now share  sardonic glance.
His eyes are golden with a hint of cold
In the gusts of wind , all children dance

Though we don”t worship God, what is the chance
That love itself   descended from  that throne?
The lusty leaves seem merry as they mince

Here I stand ,by sadness  overthrown
Till some human calls to  take me  home
Yet in this  gale, the children can’t but dance
Dynamic leaves  show  passion and entrance

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Did you not hear my lady?

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