Vice typing

photo01525230546Here I am I will seize my hands as they are hurting so I cannot type; if there is any noise in the song here because because of the computer not me.

it doesn’t seem to be working very well today


My joints  are inflamed. if I belong to a certain school of thought I would think that inflamed joints would symbolically mean that connecting to other people is painful  and I should be forgiven for  whatever I may have done


I do prefer gentle people with quiet voices I don’t like people who argue badly in loud voices 


I don’t really believe this I could write poetry using this voice to typing tool but I might try who knows what would come out?


I have no love left in my heart today
and neither do I wish to Talk or pray
for I am feeling Shetland in my mood
So here I search and that’s the way I brewed


Soaking is a very stupid act
Light rumination ,I think  truly daft
Better far to cast the burden down
And go to see a film about a clown


What do you do when you suffer pain
it’s not so bad just ones but comes again
n fact I have it all day and all night
And if I had a partner  they’d take flight


Let us not dwell in the realm of words
But open up our eyes to humming birds

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The lamp

IMG_20180224_172933By Katherine

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Inspiration, Information, and Learnings For People In The Arts


Do read this article written by David J Rogers.I  just found it


via Inspiration, Information, and Learnings For People In The Artsby Da

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In our sleep  we find the open door

The face that was familiar is no more
Yet in my dreams he is alive again
Thus his image lives inside my store

In our sleep  we find the  open door
We see   the   precious faces  of those gone
The face that was familiar is no more

A nightmare,anxious, running as before
To find our car, to bring home my dear man
Now his image  lives within my store

His voice to me sounds muffled by great doors
He wonders how I manage  all alone
The love that was  so potent is no more

An anger at the doctors made me roar
A dying man ignored by every one
Now his love  lives on in my  deep core

Death will capture all but is that fair?
We live  then die  at last of all good bare.
The face that was familiar is no more
Yet his  sweet love  still haunts  my deepest core



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I don’t know how I created this cover


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The rage of loss

The face that was familiar is no more
The  golden meaning of the world destroyed
Where is  love and where are its new laws?

Though none but God itself should be adored
The rage of loss   for  tumult is employed
The face that was familiar is no more

In the earthly life come no encores
As down the river we each  float unmoored
What is  love and where are its new laws?

Hate and envy  give no cruel succour
Yet whose the heart that  loss has fast devoured?
The face that was familiar is no more

Must we sip the fatal  bloody gore?
Must the evil humans be empowered
What is  love and are there  gracious laws?

Over me the fear and panic  glowers
Shall I hide  in some  old unused sewer?
The face that was familiar is no more
Will the memory   birth a new desire?



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noun: diatribe; plural noun: diatribes
  1. a forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something.
    “a diatribe against consumerism”
    synonyms: tiradeharangue, verbal onslaught, verbal attack, stream of abuse, denunciationbroadsidefulminationcondemnationcriticismstricturereproofreprovalreprimandrebuke, admonishment, admonitionMore

late 16th century (denoting a disquisition): from French, via Latin from Greek diatribē ‘spending of time, discourse’, from dia ‘through’ + tribein ‘rub’.
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Why I write.. different poets


“My interest can be defined by at least part of Charles Reznikoff‘s characterization of his poetry: “images clear but the meaning not stated but suggested by the objective details and the music of the verse.” As a reader, I look for such clarity of image and phrase, for a rhythmic pulse and a rich verbal texture, for a sense of shape and coherence even in the midst of apparent fracture. As a writer, I try to provide these things. But an overall “meaning” or “interpretation” isn’t the first or the main thing I seek, as either reader or writer. “A poem need not have a meaning and like most things in nature often does not have one” (Stevens 914). Attend to the senses and sense will often attend to itself.

I respond to urgency, to a sense of felt necessity, to passion. The word passion derives from the Greek for “suffering, experience, emotion.” The word itself summons up the poem as an experience undergone by the writer and the reader alike. Passion is not just a passion for my lover or for botany or for history, but a passion for words, a passionate struggle to try to create verbal experience that would be as real as the rest of the world. Stevens insisted that “In poetry, you must love the words, the ideas and images and rhythms with all your capacity to love anything at all” (902). Like any object of love, that also means that the poem will resist its creator, just as the world resists us. The struggle such passion entails is both joyous and painful. As Stevens also famously wrote, “Poetry must resist the intelligence almost successfully” (910). Of course, that presumes both an intelligence to be resisted and an intelligence that resists. The poet, the poem, and the reader must all be as intelligent as possible.”

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What is a diatribe?

What is a diatribe?
One of the lost tribes of Israel?

What is fratricide?
Oh,Cain and Abel

What is deicide?
Wasting the only time we have ?

What is a syllogism?
Something to do with erotic love?

What is a neologism?
Maybe a syllogism  that failed

What is logical positivism?
Seeing only the good in others

What is a pancake?
A cake that won’t rise.

What is a logical error?
A feeling.

What is mathematics for?
Designing knitting patterns.

What is a neurosis?
I  d d d d d doubt my answer will be right.

What is an axiom?
An atom with  Ki

What is  a borderline personality disorder?
When you can’t manage to have a full personality disorder.
When you keep building walls till you spent all your money and die of starvation
When you have  like geometry and being tidy?

What is starvation?
Invasion by a star?
Invitation to be a star?

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