Alexandra leaving-Leonard Cohen

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Oh,where are we to kiss?

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My love is like a mirror, that’s covered in thick dust.
Oh, alright you can kiss me,  but will you dust me first?
You lost the yellow duster!
My mind is filled with wrath.
How can you reflect me now?
I’ll take a virgin’s oath.

My love is like a bedspread that’s never had a wash.
We like to be entwined in it and share a pipe of hash.
You never bought the grass?
What brought us to this pass?
We’ll have to wash this duvet first,
Then go out and get smashed.

My love is like jacket, which dropped off a large spud.
It’s still quite warm and tasty, but will it be much good?
You want to ask advice?
I’m  not sure that is not wise
Creep quick inside my pocket now
And soon we’ll go to bed.
My love is like a camera film, that’s never been exposed.
I want save the battery until I find a rose.
But it’s not summer yet!
My Lord,did I forget?
It was sitting in this warm armchair,
Reciting all my woes.

My love sent me a message, that he was nearly home.
So I ran a bath, jumped into it and covered myself in foam.
His key is in the door.
It’s only half-past four!
I took my mobile off the chair
And rang for tea and scones.

My love was very angry as I never made the bed.
He bought me wood and iron but it went out of my head.
Oh,where are we to kiss?
Oh,where’s our night of bliss?
He looked so  disappointed
I got my bag and fled.

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The clash of narratives




Pronunciation /ˈmʌɪθɒs//ˈmɪθɒs/



  • 1A myth or mythology.

    ‘the Arthurian mythos’
    More example sentences
    1. 1.1 (in literature) a traditional or recurrent narrative theme or plot structure.
      Example sentences
    2. 1.2 A set of beliefs or assumptions about something.
      ‘the rhetoric and mythos of science create the comforting image of linear progression toward truth’
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Politics is opposed to morality, as philosophy to naïveté.

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Faith is not a question of the existence or non-existence of God. It is believing that love without reward is valuable.

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