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With utter willingness we live our life [New version]

Flower by Mike Flemming.Copyright 2015 I have edited this but have left the original poem  underneath as it is popular and I don’t want to remove it if some people prefer it that way. he pathways to the heart are … Continue reading

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Paul Tillich and I: The Courage To Be

You know this experience, sometimes when you are browsing in a bookshop you come across a book with a wonderful title. This happened to me as  student when I saw a book with this title: “The courage to be ” by … Continue reading

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After he left me

  After he left me.I walked slowly and blindly. Unknowingly, I  had entered a grey desert of rocks and stones Not a person nor a house Not a flower or a tree….. Seemed like no-one else in this whole world … Continue reading

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Book review:The society of timid souls by Polly Morland

The book I am reading now is called”, The Society of Timid Souls”  written by Polly Morland. Here is a very good in depth review of it and a photo of a bull fight She is a good writer,mainly in … Continue reading

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In honor of Paul Tillich

Paul Tillich gave our spirit proper place. He showed us courage as a  space to dwell. He wrote for us and left us with   his  grace With hope he might speak and he might tell. So many people ignored Fascist speech And lived with mind … Continue reading

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Never say logic again.

My foreign students said I was too warm to be British,so turn off your heating now or face  execution as a  traitor. What people forget is we Brits are a mixed race… then we have the nerve to call people,wogs,dagos … Continue reading

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This is very interesting and the whole site is good http://oates.org/index.php/journal/prior-editions/92-2001/288-schmidt-2001 Extract: In examining the lives of these quiet heroes, Kohut concluded that they all manifested three features that gave their courage the qualities of groundedness and non-psychosis, but also … Continue reading

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