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Were you not soldiers too,fighting for the right to breathe?

The protesting world cries out like a trumpet playing “The last post.” The eyes of the lost ask me to tell what is unspeakable, but I have nothing except to ask why bugles are not played for you at Remembrance … Continue reading

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Synopsis:the sonnet

Synopsis is a word derived from Greek. Synthetic  has a similar undertow. And as we modern English people speak, The thoughts of ancient humans unknown show Long dead are our ancestors of course, Though each cell of our body has … Continue reading

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In this the world of war

I’m afraid  to read what’s happening My spirit cries and wails We can’t go on to war, Might they read the  News in braille? I am tired of talk of foreigners Aren’t we  passengers inone boat So  why  not work … Continue reading

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Mary gets yet another letter from the hospital

The postman was very late coming that morning.Stan was asleep in his armchair whilst Annie was analysing some data on the political alignments of the over fifties group in Knittingham.Mary was upstairs daydreaming. Hi. Mary…Annie called.There’s a letter for you … Continue reading

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Book review:The society of timid souls by Polly Morland

The book I am reading now is called”, The Society of Timid Souls”  written by Polly Morland. Here is a very good in depth review of it and a photo of a bull fight She is a good writer,mainly in … Continue reading

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Politics and fairness

Politics and fairness.

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My life on the net

When I was at University I spent 6 years studying mathematics.But I always liked poetry and novels.My school thought I should study English Literature,but to me that was not a creative activity.The way we were taught was to criticize books,plays,poems … Continue reading

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Levinas,books etc

I have received several books now written by or about Levinas.As you guess,they are quite hard so my time is taken up reading.The most hopeful one,The          Cambridge Guide,is not here yet.but I think it will be more understandable … Continue reading

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Rosa Parks Ignites Montgomery Bus Boycott 1955

Originally posted on Exquisite Gift Baskets:
It was on this day in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama that Rosa Parks, the mother of the civil rights movement, is jailed for refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a…

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The ‘Always’ and ‘Never’ Life of Sylvia Plath – Karen Swallow Prior – The Atlantic

The ‘Always’ and ‘Never’ Life of Sylvia Plath – Karen Swallow Prior – The Atlantic. Another  piece about the poet  and novelist  Sylvia Plath… who seemed to have found post modernism in her writing before it was known and labelled … Continue reading

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