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Annie breaks into Stan’s sacred space

Stan was polishing the windows again with his  big microfibre cloth.The computer was on.As soon as he finished the sitting room windows he planned to look at a google document he was co-writing with hislfriend Annie, on the failings of … Continue reading

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She ain’t won no prizes yet

           There was a letter in Writing magazine, As it happens it ‘s an issue I’ve already seen. One,asked if it is true that poetry with rhymes Is not the fashion in our times. The academics … Continue reading

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Stan’s mind starts to wander

  Stan put on his hat and went down the spring green garden where a blackbird trilled.The sunlight was very strong,almost glaring in intensity.That’s an interesting word,more commonly used to describe the angry expression on the face of an adult … Continue reading

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Elegance lies bare

In summer time when sun do shine I’m happy on my own I gaze up through red maple leaves All transparent in the sun. But when winter comes I’m lonely Sitting here beside my fire. So I want a  winter … Continue reading

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Dr Poker

  I once had a doctor called Poker Who fancied his skill as a joker. He teased all his patients both the young and the ancient… And his cat was labelled,Please stroke her. It should have read,Please  do stroke me… … Continue reading

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Affect is display of feeling

If you never show affect you’re dead. Your feelings have fearfully fled. So smile or grimace. You own your own face. Except when asleep in your bed. When you’re  fast asleep nobody knows Whence your   free fantasy flows But … Continue reading

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A trillion thought trains

How many posts can any blogger write Before they go raving mad? How many posts can a blogger invent Before they get far too sad? The answer my friends We’re all round the bend. The answer’s we’re all round the … Continue reading

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Bi or di? Biphthong and Diped?

Human bipeds have two sets of digits. The hands and the feet can both fidget. I used to tap on the table Till a spirit was able To come to my aid with a widget. I was going through a … Continue reading

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Eclectic in limericks

Eclectic’s a very fine word I love it and even feel care. It might rhyme with dialectic Or maybe forensic So here are two more we must air. . Eclectical students are rare Because the tutors are rude and  unfair They … Continue reading

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Gambit:the rhymes

How can I find rhymes for gambit? How can pentameters be iambic? I am sure to discover One way or another But alas the Government has  banned it. Iambic is as Greek to me, As to the English is drinking … Continue reading

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