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Eclectic in limericks

Eclectic’s a very fine word I love it and even feel care. It might rhyme with dialectic Or maybe forensic So here are two more we must air. . Eclectical students are rare Because the tutors are rude and  unfair They … Continue reading

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Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren’t even there before. Mignon McLaughlin

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  When wanderings take my restless mind To places peace can never find, When imaginations linked to fear Push tranquillity away. To my green garden I must go And let my mind and thoughts go slow. I look up at … Continue reading

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Bionic therapy with Annie and Emile

        Peter Fried,the Bionic psychoanalyst  ,who had recently arrived in the fine  midland town of Knittingham, had noticed that whilst he was practising “free floating attention” with his patients an image of a cat peering in the window … Continue reading

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Don’t delete your bad photos

Bite on my leg When I say bad I mean when your hand shook or the photo is blurred. I say this because I have found such photos can be very good for using digital art software on… sometimes far … Continue reading

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The life of joy and joy of life

Gladness of the heart is the life of man and the joyfulness of a man prolongeth his days Ecclesiastes 30;22

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A striped cat

I saw a shadow on my wall Cast by the setting sun I turned around to see a face That made me feel dead glum. “Twas but a man in a very large box He seemed in a foul mood. … Continue reading

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How writing poetry was compared to Perseus killing the Medusa Gorgon

  When thy song is shield and mirror To the fair snake-curlèd Pain, Where thou dar’st affront her terror That on her thou may’st attain Perséan conquest Francis Thompson wrote those lines.. se below I am interested in these lines … Continue reading

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Hints for life

 Cat got your song then? I thought you’d licked it once or twice then mioawed all night I am Miss Taken.How do you sue? She fell head over wheel and got the handlebars into a brand new formation before dying … Continue reading

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My life on the net

When I was at University I spent 6 years studying mathematics.But I always liked poetry and novels.My school thought I should study English Literature,but to me that was not a creative activity.The way we were taught was to criticize books,plays,poems … Continue reading

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