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Annie breaks into Stan’s sacred space

Stan was polishing the windows again with his  big microfibre cloth.The computer was on.As soon as he finished the sitting room windows he planned to look at a google document he was co-writing with hislfriend Annie, on the failings of … Continue reading

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Sacramental trees

 Maybe you didn’t know When you touched me so. Maybe you never knew What your words would do. I float across that space Where lovers once embraced And thus you bring torment To me to  whom  love you sent. When I close … Continue reading

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Hands outstretched across the world

I can’t love you without loving the whole world too. I can’t open my heart unless everyone can be part. Wait for me. I’m not afraid. Wait for me. I may be delayed. I see you in my mind Smiling, … Continue reading

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Elegance lies bare

In summer time when sun do shine I’m happy on my own I gaze up through red maple leaves All transparent in the sun. But when winter comes I’m lonely Sitting here beside my fire. So I want a  winter … Continue reading

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Than the song of birds,he had the words

He ‘d held me in his arms and said, what I had a never read, That life is more than learned discourse. So as he spoke, I watched his face And his rich dark eyes;of course His eyes gave out … Continue reading

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Will irrational lovers drive us wild?

Oh,take me hold me,love me like you do With kisses sweet commend me  to your heart Love me like  a tea of finest brew. Love me like a coxes pippin tart. oh,dance  me,swing  me, let me feel alive. And let … Continue reading

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That sweet embrace

Though love is welcome when at first it dawns And even when it ripens in the sun Soon  may  come sensations  all forlorn A dread that asks us what  love might become. For yearning as we do for hope and … Continue reading

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Accepting that perfection is remote,

What love and friendship must at least entail Are boundaries both elastic and firm. Yet even that is but a mere detail Less subtle is the need to do .no harm For in the flush of youthful spirits strong We … Continue reading

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If this be love then

If this be love,then let me have your hate. If speak you  true then I prefer your lies. For this, my heart, your message comes too late. As  now my need is  for the  thoughtful  wise. If this be marriage,let … Continue reading

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In this the world of war

I’m afraid  to read what’s happening My spirit cries and wails We can’t go on to war, Might they read the  News in braille? I am tired of talk of foreigners Aren’t we  passengers inone boat So  why  not work … Continue reading

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