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Annie breaks into Stan’s sacred space

Stan was polishing the windows again with his  big microfibre cloth.The computer was on.As soon as he finished the sitting room windows he planned to look at a google document he was co-writing with hislfriend Annie, on the failings of … Continue reading

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Stan’s mind starts to wander

  Stan put on his hat and went down the spring green garden where a blackbird trilled.The sunlight was very strong,almost glaring in intensity.That’s an interesting word,more commonly used to describe the angry expression on the face of an adult … Continue reading

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At random

A friend told me that about 3 weeks after my husband died I would get men coming to the door asking if I wanted to sleep with them.So far I’ve only had 1.A pizza deliverer who rang the wrong bell … Continue reading

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Did he like his dinner?

I asked my husband if he liked his dinner and he went Call that a dinner? So I said,What do you mean? He said,where’s the bloody mustard? I said I don’t know but the Colman’s is on the table.You’ll have … Continue reading

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The pirhana monologues

Hello,can you put me through to the vulva clinic? We have no vulgar clinics here. I said vulva Oh, the valve clinic? Not heart valves… What tyre valves? Surely you don’t treat bikes? I run a little business on the … Continue reading

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Stan gets visited by two lovely ladies

Stan was standing on a small step ladder washing his windows yet again with a clean blue microfibreand elastane cloth and some windolene he had bought in Tesco’s I don’t know why I bother,he whispered to Emile, who as usual … Continue reading

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Life or else

He loves me more than his wife herself he loves me as much as if  I were his  own  voter He says he loves me  and needs to rewire me. He is burning with a liar whiter than the sun. … Continue reading

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In my end is my beginning

We were  both staring at what was hurting  our shared boundary. What we had in common was a pasting of grammar and  some full stops from the  old church organ.. not much help to a pair of  old fools. especially … Continue reading

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For all ,Cat licked every tear…

Ray Queers cat’s in parquet. They are waiting for our partitions. Say but the word and my sole shall be heeled. Guarded the angels from seven sodomites. Hail glorious St Hat Trick. Lord, it’s hearsay. Lord, I’m worser Forgive all … Continue reading

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Thank you too much for the fight

I say,dear,this bed is quite right. Do you mean that itn dreams we fly kites? You’re so clever you will soon be too bright. Why,thank you so much,when’s your  flight? Can’t  I stay here for our fight? I have no … Continue reading

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